Sheppey - 10th September 2011

A day on the island, 4-0 and 1-1 against Range Rovers so a good start to the day, new socks and shorts seemed to have made a difference!

Fossil hunting on Warden Bay beach turned up a Shark's Tooth and loads of fossilised shells with a few crystals to boot.

Most time spent exploring the 'fallen' pill boxes on the beach - shows how quick the coast is eroding in this part of Kent.

Then onto Shurland Hall, where Henry VIII spend his honeymoon with Anne Boleyn - James wanteds to live there it but it'd take more than a Lottery win to get this pad (see sales particulars here: Shurland Hall)

Air Badge

Air badge

...and Jimmy Corbin, DFC.  Maidstone's own Battle of Britain pilot.

Imperial War Museum - January 2011

The King's Speech - George VI's Broadcast uniform - James listening in.

 Medals - what the day was about for James.  This is Monty's line up.

 Victoria Cross galore - Lord Ashcroft's collection, 150+ VCs

 Who needs a Hall of Mirrors when the stairwell at Waterloo East has six of these!